Monday, March 29, 2010

I know this video has been making the rounds recently, but every self respecting computer scientist out there should see this

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's the 2010 Hatty awards, live from Madison, Wisconsin! And here are your hosts, Abraham Lincoln and Queen Elizabeth I!:

ABE: I'll come right out and say it: 2010 was a year that will live in infamy, at least in regards to to quality of hats in movies.

LIZ: Isn't that FDR's line?

ABE: How do you know about him?

LIZ: How do you?

ABE: Ha-ha! What delightful banter between us two!

LIZ: But in all seriousness, folks, it has been a tough year.

ABE: When I saw this year's entries, I wanted to vomit in my stovepipe!

LIZ: Ha-ha, classic Lincoln!

ABE: I just read the teleprompter.

LIZ: Things would be significantly less dire if Alice in Wonderland, a strong front-runner for 2011, would have been released a few months earlier, but we will have to play the hand we've been dealt.

ABE: Like your father in his search for an heir?

LIZ: Don't go there, rail splitter.

ABE: Here are the nominees:

LIZ: Sherlock Holmes: A panoply of headwear: tophats, bowlers, jockey caps, trilbys - you name it.

ABE: Where the Wild Things Are: The kid had that eared-hoodie thing going on, and was wearing at crown at some point.

LIZ: Inglourious Basterds: An excellent job of showcasing the standard WWII accouterments, while avoiding the dreaded over-helmetification of the genre.

ABE: Watchmen: Rorschach's Fedora was everpresent, and Nite Owl had his Owl Cowl

LIZ: And the winner is ... Where the Wild Things Are, for the sheer audacity of having its protagonist wearing two hats at once.

ABE: Well that about wraps it up - anything to say, Liz?

LIZ: Please, MPAA, stop treating consumers like criminals and re-focus on making high quality, hat-centric movies. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

ABE: Ah-ha-ha, right back at you! Goodnight folks!